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"If you do something for the right reasons, that seems, for many, to be more important than actually having results – especially if those results are achieved for the “wrong” reasons (profit)."

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Jaap Korteweg: "In that respect, people still are the true drivers of change. Most of all when it concerns the way we treat animals."

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"Tesco is selling vegetarian sausages called ‘Little Willies’ – and the name is making shoppers giggle."

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"The Vegetarian Butcher's purpose is to free animals from the food chain by offering a complete and delicious alternative to meat."

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"Unilever is buying the meat-substitute company The Vegetarian Butcher as it looks to cash in on the growing number of consumers turning their backs on meat."

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WIRED: "Embrace a fake meat future for its lesser-known benefits. The time has come to scale up fake meat, fast." 

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DNA India interviewed Vegetarian Butcher Jaap Korteweg: "Our products will make the need for animals in our food chain a thing of the past."